Reduced Rates With The Electric Company

    • Anonymous
      July 29, 2009 at 3:06 pm

      Hi all,
      I am not sure that many of you are aware of this.
      I am sure it must be the same for the rest of the country, possibly under a different name.
      I am in San Diego County, (CA), and the electric utility company for my area is called, “San Diego Gas & Electric Company”.
      They have a program called, “Medical Baseline Allowance Program”.
      It is for those with life-threatening illnesses, MS type of diseases, and
      immune deficiency diseases, (note-per my neuro, CIDP falls under all three).
      And it lists the apparatus and electrical equipment that falls under their program for reduced rates.
      For me, I am on oxygen 24/7 now, and have an oxygen condenser/concentrator, a bi-pap, and MUST have air conditioning due to my CIDP, as the heat brings on GREAT fatigue.
      BUT–WHAT WAS ALSO ON THE LIST, WAS FOR ANYONE WITH AN ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR! So, many of you here have an electric wheelchair, as I do.
      So, google your own electric utility’s website, and see if they have a similar program in your own area. With all the necessary electrical gadgets I have to have, (I even have a hospital bed now, as I must sleep in an upright position), that we can at least get lower rates. I have a good neuro–he was the one who told me about the program, as he wants me to have air conditioning when it is hot. Note-it is a form you fill out, then your doctor must also fill out.

    • Anonymous
      July 29, 2009 at 3:28 pm

      Thanks Ken!!

      How you been doing, Hun?