problems with healing

    • Anonymous
      May 2, 2008 at 7:35 am

      If I have asked this before, let’s blame it on the brain fog, ok.

      I had a excisional breast biopsy on Feb 28th…also known as a lumpectomy. All results were good. My problem is, the incision wont heal. MOST of it has healed…but there is about a pencil sized hole that is open. I have been back to the surgeon THREE times…each time she does a silver nitrate trick that makes it seem to get worse. Yesterday I went to a plastic surgeon for two things. One being this thing that wont heal and the other b/c I want a breast reduction.

      He told me, and this makes so much sense…b/c I have an autoimmune disease that my healing time is longer. I should have healed after three days and it’s been two months. He also said for the reduction, it could take me up to four months rather than four weeks. I dont know what to think but it does make sense. I have to keep thinking about the reduction…

      He said he had a lady with MS in recently and he refused to do elective plastic surgery on her b/c of her condition.

      He commented on how my disease sounded much like MS. He seemed very smart. I was impressed with his honesty.

      I go to another dr this month for a second opinion on the CIDP and lack of treatment. I’ll ask the dr then. I just wondered about you all.

      have a great weekend.

    • Anonymous
      May 2, 2008 at 10:21 am

      I can’t remember if you are on Steroids or not. If you are that is another contributing factor to your healing issues. My physicians advised me to wait for 3-4years before I have reconstructive surgery after my mastectomy due to the healing issues with the steroids….I know this isn’t what you want to hear but the risk of infection is big.

    • Anonymous
      May 2, 2008 at 10:44 am

      Yes I take a really long time to heal. But than of course I blame it on the cushings syndrome now, thanks to pred. Before I went on pred I still took longer to heal from even the smallest of booboos. I had 3 knee surgeries, they each took me 4 times longer to heal from than what the Drs said it would. 3 days vs 9 months, just lucky genes I guess, my mom just had another knee surgery in March and it actually took her less than 3 days to be back to walking normally on it. Take care.

    • Anonymous
      May 3, 2008 at 1:56 am


      Absolutely! That is one of the things that I had to “figure out” – even a small cut can take ages to heal – finally had an “ah-ah” moment and realised that this is the way it is.

      I have had two surgeries since diagnosis – the laproscopic incisions on my abdomen and groin took probably 3-4 months to heal to red, and another year to really calm down. They were tiny – only 1/2 inch each ! I had to go and get them cleaned at the GP’s about two weeks post surgery because they were so angry.

      In terms of a reason, my understanding is the autoimmune thing is the reason for slow healing. I have been told that cosmetic surgery and even things like skin peels or micro-dermabrasion are “out of the question”, because the likelihood of problems and unsatisfactory results is quite high.

      Guess I will grow old disgracefully! :rolleyes: