prednisone/IVIG combo follow-up

    • October 1, 2010 at 11:55 am

      Today marks the 2 month point of my 50 mg prednisone trial—woo hoo! glad to start tapering downh 🙂 going to write a little outline of my experience-in case it helps others trying it. On the 4th day I noticed muscle weakness, mainly in my legs. By the 7th day positional vertigo i had experiened off and on was gone. 2 week point i was irritible,hyper-exciteable,tons of internal energy but still physically weak. Even though
      I FELT very weak-when i exercised, i still lifted the same amount of free felt weak but not losing strength. Began using stepper when exercising, walking with the leg weakness was becoming more difficult. 3-7 week pretty much the same, knees felt great, no breast tenderness before my period (guess that prednisone does have its anti-inflammatory benefits–lol) into the 7th week i had a family crises–during it my legs went even weaker, heart racing,ende up calling dr. she said it was the prednisone,continue @ 50 mg until 2 month point then taper to 40. So now at the 2 month mark, strenght the same, strange that the only places that feel weaker are the places affected by the cidp that we are trying to strenghten–calves, ankles, feet. will not know until i go for lab tests whether it knocked down the potassium antibodies at all. supposedly takes a few months after being off prednsone fope the weakness caused by it to go away, maybe then I’ll see a difference? the good thing thats come out out of this is my dr has agreed to let me have ivig every 6 weeks for 6 sessons, instead of every 12 weeks as i have been having. I think this will make a huge difference and have mentioned this to her in the past. this will start oct 13th : ) maybe the ivig will really kick in with the prednisone??? one can only hope—good to be optomistic : )