POEM Syndrome and CIDP

    • Anonymous
      January 17, 2007 at 9:09 pm

      Now my husband’s neuro came down with the idea of testing my husband for Poem syndrome, even though is such a big trouble to get this test done( blood sample) as only one research company is doing this kind of tests in UK and it’s very hard to contact them. Anyway, they’ve said they are willingly to do the test but is going to take some time as they are waiting for a certain number of candidates as the test is very expensiv.
      [U][COLOR=”Red”] [SIZE=”3″]Anyone who’s hands have been affected of CIDP [/SIZE][/COLOR][/U]have any changes in the shape of nails and colour of the nails? In my husbands case , both hands been affected but the right more than the left , the nails on both hands got more of a white colour but on the right the nails got a like clubbing shape.
      This 2 abnormalities of the nails got him started with this Poem Syndrome , none of others major symptoms are [U][/U] present in my husband case either than the peripheral neuropathy.
      I know he’s a very zealous doctor and he’s concerned about my husband as he’s not responding to any treatment so far IVIG, plasma exchange , steroids , cyclosporin, azathioprine but I want to find out if any of you people have the same changes in your nails . I’ve read a bit about this syndrome and it looks is a nasty one, I just pray to God not to put anything else on our plate as is full up and I am sick worried. He’s had a CT scan today to see if there are any lesions of the bones.
      God, I am so all over the place, I hope all of this make sense to you. Thanks for taking the time to understand my worries and for your answers