OOPS! (and sorry if I ramble it’s early and no sleep)

    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2008 at 9:19 am

      the other day I posted after a long while finally but on the wrong forum, at least not this one that I usually do but the adult GBS category and didn’t know how to fix it, oh well. Guess I shouldn’t try this when my mind is foggy,lol!
      I want to say hi and that I am so glad I can come on here even if it is not every day or even every week the way I feel sometimes it is just too hard to do anything more than the basics let alone anything else! I won’t get into it all over but it has been a horrible couple of months especially the last couple of weeks but things are seeming to look up. (if you lok at my oops post on the gbs adult you will see what I mean) It looks as if there is a good chance they will be doing my son’s (Kendal) surgery on the 24th in Minneapolis but it will be alot more complicated and take alot longer than the first time they did it in 1997.
      I am so tired of hospitals and doctors that there are days that I want to give up and say okay you win, I am just going to be stuck this way for the rest of my life, I quit! Then I remember how many doctors I fought with for my son over the last 17 years and I also am reminded by family that that is not an option like I have told them in the beginning of this that I will walk again no matter what! They just have to remember that, lol!!!
      Okay, so I am not giving up and letting one crazy doc win! Since that dr walked out of my room and stopped my treatment I haven’t been able to schedule a dr until now but it is for jan 5th. If he doesn’t help me then I will find someone else but I cannot let that crazy one win, no way no how, I will find someone to help me eventually and even though I am exhausted I refuse to let the medical field win when my life is at stake!
      I want to thank everyone here because I read alot of the posts and see how caring everyone is, giving the advice, and experiences to try and help each other through this horrible disease! If it wasn’t for this site I would never have asked my regular dr some of the questions that I have nor been able to know what types of meds were out there to help even though not everything works for everyone at least I knew I had options and that helps alot. A friend of ours son-in-law had miller-fisher varient and I gave him a couple of news letters and the site to go to and even though he did not comment (that I know of for sure) he did come here to see what others were going through and did not feel so alone, he is doing well the last time I saw him but he still has some ways to go. So I wanted you all to know that even if people do not comment here they sometimes come to just read and that helps them also. Again thank you all for being here for me and all others also!

    • Anonymous
      October 14, 2008 at 12:28 am

      i hope all is going well for you and your family. sound like you are one tough cookie, even though sometimes you want to throw in the towel! that is a normal feeling that im sure everyone has. just keep pluggin away!

      take care!


    • Anonymous
      October 14, 2008 at 8:34 am

      Hi Jody! Pleasure meeting you in here! This is a very wonderful site! Many nice people in here and I see a very caring loving site. I hope you get to see that doctor and he helps you out in getting better! Keep up the Hope and keep on fighting! Hugs!
      Linda H