only 20

    • Anonymous
      April 6, 2009 at 12:38 am

      hi everyone im only 20 and not thinking of having kids any time soon but it is smething i really want in the future… i got my gbs when i was 17 and it has been almost 3 years i have no period right now but they say its because of my weight loss… im curious to know how people handle having a baby if they have residuals such as weekness in ur limbs , lack of sensation, fatigue. or confined to a wheelchair? i know it will be very important to have alot of support but i want to know if anyone has any insite or encouraginmg words…. im scared i would not be able to be a good mom because im tired or cant pick my baby up……… anyone?

    • Anonymous
      April 6, 2009 at 1:48 pm

      Hi Synthia,
      I have CIDP and lupus so I have a low imune system as we all do. When my husband and I were first trying to conceive it was hard on my system and we decided to adopt. It was the best decision in our lives for us. Our daughter has brought us such love and happiness and my husband and doctor were afraid for my health at the time. Everyones situation is different though, many…MANY women have healthy babies so take good care of yourself and know when you are ready to be a mom you will be a good one. You have a lot of options if you cannot have one biologically there is one out there that will need you and love you more than you could ever imagine. Believe me.

      Take care,