novicane, gbs, and perimenapause

    • Anonymous
      August 26, 2006 at 9:35 am

      Hi, I’m new to this. I was diagnosed with gbs May of 2005. I’m 44. I was very lucky to have been diagnosed within 48 hours of entering the hospitol. I have 2 things I need to learn more about. 1/ I had novicane on thursday and now have more paralysis on the right side of my face then before. AND 2. I’m having some perimenapause symptons, but their strange. Like I’m having cold flashes and a few hot, not sleeping well, and can’t stay on task, at all. My neuro had told me that the nerves can now mess up their signals, so I’m assuming that is what the cold flashes are. He also said that what has not healed is prob residual. I have a referral to McNight brain inst. at Shands in FL. I had a very stange case of gbs. It started in my extremeties and in my head. That is why they could diagnose me quickly. Slight numbness in extremities started on a Tues, 1/2 face paralyzed on Thurs, head pain slightly started on Fri and intensified through weekend, Hospital Sun, imunigoblin infustion started tues. The pain in my head was so excruciating I starated fainting from it. they diag as was moving down throat, and caught it @ 1 day before ventilator. I still have several pockets of paralysis on face(mostly right side), severe dry eyes, numb throat and taste, tingly/numb hands and feet. One funny fact is that the grandmother that I have always favored in looks had a brain tumor in the early 40’s and was left w/half face paralyzed. Now when I smile I’m her replica. I just need some insight and I appreciate your help. I’ve enjoyed reading the threads. thanks.

    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2006 at 2:56 pm


      Welcome to our forum. You’ll find lots of answers here, and some moral and emotional support when you need it too.

      About your questions: 1. I read a report on a dental surgeon’s website saying that, in rare cases, that Lidocaine can breach the blood/brain barrier and create nervous system problems. Novocaine is a similar drug. The article was frankly, mostly above my head, since it was written for other oral surgeons. This may or may not have anything to do with your increased paralysis in your face after Novocaine.

      2. The hot/cold flashes you are having may be related to GBS instead of peri-menopause or a combination of both. GBS effects the autonomic nerves (nerves controling body systems for things we don’t do conciously such as breathing, heart rate, and body temperature. The hot/cold flashes are part of the residuals left from my bout with GBS in 2003. I still have them, but less frequently than I did at first.

      Hope this information helps a little. Meanwhile, best wishes for good health.