New Test Results (also posted in CIDP Forum)

    • Anonymous
      March 31, 2007 at 11:41 am

      I went back to my neurologist on Thursday and he re-did tests (the electric-shock ones and the pin-against-the-nerve ones…sorry for my lapse in memory of the medical jargon for these tests)… He chose the hand/arm and foot/leg that had the most severe demylenization and seemed pretty amazed at the results… Since August of 2005 when he first did the tests there has been between an 80% and 90% improvement…. I know that I am a lot stronger (can climb stairs, open door locks, tie my shoes, etc) but I still have some residual symptoms… I get pins and needles in the hands and arms with overuse, sensitive fingertips, cannot stand in one place for longer than a few minutes, and am easily fatigued… I also am still getting the creepy-crawly feelings up my back… I guess these are left over from the original attack… I wish I had asked….he seemed to understand when I told him what was still going on with me… I guess if my myelen is 80% – 90% better that I would expect for the above to be 80% – 90% gone… but it is not… I always think of these questions after I have left his office… :confused: