Need advice

    • January 18, 2018 at 9:33 pm

      My name is Matt and I’m 31 years old, I contracted herpes Symplex and the first symptom was a blister on my finger.

      Over the course of the next month I had burning and itchy eyes, dry mouth, tremors in hands and arms, weakness in legs and arms and hands, trouble swallowing, shortness of breath , lower back pain, head pressure in different parts of my skull as well as vitalgo.

      Right now I have weakness in hands and legs and feet and sometimes tingling , these isssues all come and go and wax and wane . some sensory loss in feet and hands . Head pressure in different parts of my brain (not like a normal headache or migraine) that comes and goes as well as lower back pain . Getting loss of pigment on some places of skin as well.

      Initially I went to a walk in center doctor and he popped the blister on my finger and said it was an ingrown hair , it than got severely infected so after a few days I went to dermatologist who confirmed it was Herpes simplex virus.

      I went to my parents several times before I went to dermatologist and i unknowingly spread infection to them even with no direct physical contact . They are both having same motor function issues now , my father had a massive heart attack yesterday as well.

      The rapid onset of these symptoms points away from almost all motor function disease besides CIDP and GBS or transverse myelitis .

      I really need to know the basics of this disease and advice on diet , supplements, choosing a good neuro doctor in Connecticut and possible treatment options . I’m very scared and feel absolutely terrible that I spread this to my parents : ( appreciate any advice or replies

      I feel like different foods affect my symptoms after eating .

      Are there many differences between transverse myelitis and cidp?

      What triggered this for you?

    • January 19, 2018 at 4:35 pm


      First off you should know that you cannot spread or give CIDP, GBS, or transverse myelitis to anyone. THe odds of both your parents coming down with any of these ‎diseases at the same time is astrinomical. There is not usually a known trigger for any of these and I think transverse myelitis is usually a sign of MS. I suggest you find a nurologist and discuss your symptoms. I am 65 and have had herpes symplex 1 since i was a kid. Now that I am older and have less stresss I rarely have any outbreaks of sores. I cannot find any correlation between having herpes symplex 1 and my current condition of CIDP. My CIDP symptoms were so gradual that I could not find any event or events in my life that could have trigged the disease.

      • January 19, 2018 at 7:44 pm

        CIDP, multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis are names for groups of symptoms. Those names don’t actually mean anything. Those symptoms are caused by infections. In your situation I would say that as your hormones dropped naturally with age it lowered your immune system function which could then no longer hold whatever dormant infection is behind your symptoms in check.

        And you can’t spread a group of symptoms, you’re right about that. But you can spread the infection that causes those symptoms. The fact that my mother and stepfather are both displaying identical symptoms to me after I had a contagious blister of a viral infection on my finger is way too much of a coincidence . If you do some research you’ll see that viruses in the herpes family are implicated as the cause or trigger in a number of autoimmune and neurological/motor function diseases.