Mother asks "What now years later?"

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      August 18, 2006 at 9:43 pm

      There is a thread called “What now years later?” on GBS child ….

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      In reading all of the posts, I am surprised that while my son had IVIG at 3 and was told to be fine after he nearly stopped all movement and loss of bladder/bowels, no talking, no walking, nothing…that we were told he would be fine.

      Three years later, we began seeing signs of fine motor skill weakness and diminished skills in things like most kindergarteners do-tying shoes and writing. He continues to battle these things today, but we were never told he would need or does need OT or PT to improve….is it too late to overcome the damage done or what can I do to help him compensate?

      Please help….my son is very gifted, but his inability to write efficiently is affecting his grades. :confused: