Miller Fisher: recovery but vision doubles before seeing simple, it is normal?

    • November 11, 2016 at 5:07 am

      It has been 5 months today since I have the MFS.
      Now I see double that in left(awkward) extremity. However, on all my left(awkward) part(party) affected(touched) by the MFS, I see double before seeing simple. The images do not restick immediately and I always fire not on purpose at my eyes to see simple. My left(awkward) eye pulls(fires) me enormously in every movement of the look and even more when I put my glasses to see closely. It creates me tensions in the head, the neck and the arm and when I am going to lie down(to go to bed), I have cramps for a long time.
      I wonder if it is a muscular problem of my eyes or alor if it is my myéline which badly repaired. I am very worried of staying like that because I do not still work and am alone with my two children.
      My morale is not terrible and the doctors do not help me. They tell me that they do not know if I am like that going to stay and that it doesn’t matter!
      With which frequency have to visit the neurologist?
      My measures of the eye are good then why always have I these muscular problems in the eye?
      Always let us get back we everything with Miller Fischer? My syndrome was light my but disorders continue for a long time and according to my neurologist I am more bothered than the others.
      Do these symptoms go to disappear in time?
      Thank you for your your support and encouragement.