Looking for a Doctor in S.E. Texas who knows about GBS

    • Anonymous
      September 25, 2008 at 1:16 pm

      Just moved back to southeast Texas (Beaumont) and before Hurricane Ike I was trying to find a doctor who treats or knows of GBS. So now that life after Ike is somewhat getting better, I need to find someone to confirm my diagnosis of GBS or other. I was living in Kentucky and was hospitalized in October 2007 for 10 days and never was given an exact diagnosis from Neuro, only that it had symptoms of GBS. Now I am having weakness and sometimes complete paralysis in my legs which comes and goes.

      Would like to find someone in the Beaumont/Golden Triangle area or I would travel to Houston (2 hrs. away).

      I called one Neurologist but you can’t get in unless you’re referred by a GP. Well, I don’t have one of those yet since I just moved here. Sort of a joke to make an appt. with a GP and say can you refer me to the Neurologist. The GP doesn’t know my case or me since I would be a new patient. But seems you can’t get in with a Neuro unless being referred by a GP. And I didn’t have a GP or doctor in Kentucky, as I was new there and after coming home from hospitalization I didn’t look for another doctor. Just been dealing with it and hoping that the delay in treatment has not done more damage.

      So I need help with finding a doctor, if anyone has any names they could share I would so much appreciate it.