IVIG Treatments for heart patients with stents

    • Anonymous
      January 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm

      My neurologist wants me to start IVIG treatments. A second opinion neurologist, a druggist and others told me, “be careful, the IVIG will increase the blood volume and you could have a heart attack or stroke from IVIG”. Translated, IVIG will make my blood thick, I take Plavix to make it thin, heart & CAD patients do better with thin blood. I see my cardiologist the end of this month (1/31) for his opinion. If anyone knows anything about stents and IVIG PLEASE, PLEASE tell me I’M DESPERATE, my life may be at stake and you may help save it ! I’m not being melodramatic… I’m scared as heck and don’t know what to do ! You may not have stents but Please ask your IVIG infusers if they have any IVIG patients who have medicated stents and are recieving IVIG – THANKS IN ADVANCE.


      Hello all, new to the forum and this is my first post. I am 59 YO and I have CIDP… another speed bump of life 🙁 My neurologist wants to give me IVIG treatments, I’d like her to because I could use a little relief because I’m not really into ALL the pain I’ve been having.

      She also sent me for a second opinion to another neurologist. He cautioned me about the IVIG treatments because I am a heart patient and have 7 medicated stents implanted. He told me the serum will thicken my blood and he has had patients have heart attacks. Both of these neurologists are competent, in fact they both are teaching doctors in a university hospital in Phila. PA.

      Is anyone out there a heart patient who has received IVIG with success ?

      I also will be posting another thread correlating statin induced CIDP, maybe you can help there too.

      In advance thanks, Tom 🙂