hanging tough, but its been hard

    • Anonymous
      July 16, 2006 at 9:38 pm

      My dad who is 70 was stricken with GBS Nov. 2005.He lost all motor function – primaily axion motor type. He’s been home with home care since Feb. It is so slow – its hard to keep him positive. The hardest thing for him and for my mom is toileting – he still requires a hoyer lift to use a comode, and to do most transfers. Today was there 52 anniversary. I know he has come a long way from the early days – he has started to use a regular utencils, drink and move limbs more – but after almost 8 months it is discourging. ideas, suggestions or ideas always appreciated.

    • Anonymous
      July 16, 2006 at 10:21 pm

      hi Robin,
      I got hit with GBS in March of this year. I have IBS with hard core trots, and can feel your dads pain. I just turned 43, and I cant tell you how it SUCKS maken a run for it with a walker in a trailer. And not to make anyone sick, I havent made it several times. Let your dad know he’s not alone, everyone has diffrent probs with this GBS crap.I went to the store for the 1st time since I got hit on friday, I cant even clip my own nails. I was kinda worried I would have to go to the bathroom, thankfully I didnt. 1 baby step at a time. What realy bugs me, how I cant do the simple things, like cut my nails, cleaning whipes me out. I had my own cleaning company for 19 years, and to me, my house is a train reck, and I get to sit in it. I want to pull my hair out. I cant even water my little garden. I’m getting better, slow but sure, I couldnt even get down 4 stairs 3 months ago, I am now:D . Every little thing, is a victory to kicken the GBS in the pants. If you want to e-mail me or call, here ya go. [email]netski@charter.net[/email] or Denette 715-726-8746. Take care, and hang in there.

    • Anonymous
      July 17, 2006 at 10:14 am

      Hello Robin,
      If your father can sit up without flopping over, have you tried using a transfer board to get him up? If the bedroom is big enough, forget about what it looks like and put a comode in there.