Girdle pain under ribs – crushing and really bad – AID to help relieve this

    • July 9, 2022 at 4:13 am


      I’m posting this in case it is of use to anyone. One of my symptoms is that I get girdle pain – it is as if I have an iron hoop around my midriff, just under the ribs and as the condition gets worse it starts tightening and feels as if it is cutting me in half. Not much can relieve this and the pain/discomfort is ever-present and strong (8-9.5/10). However, by sheer chance, I found that this could be relieved pretty well by wearing a strong/large back support. I think that the relief may be psychological – the act of wearing a tight piece of clothing/support/corset may fool the mind into thinking that the girdle pain is linked to the support. Whatever – the discomfort is largely reduced and I find that I often don’t even have to wear it very tight, as it still works.

      Anyway, I post this here in case it helps anyone.