GBS and antibiotics

    • Anonymous
      October 5, 2008 at 2:07 pm

      Hello everybody

      I heard that antibiotics weaken the immune system so I assume they are not recommended for somebody who’s had GBS. I have a bad cold and sore throat and wonder what I can do about it. So far I’ve just been resting and drinking ginger, lemon and honey tea but maybe I should take a medicine…will go to the doctor tomorrow but I’m interested to hear your comments/advice/experiences. The thing is before I got GBS in May 08 (Miller Fisher variant) I had a cold and sore throat, so I’m a bit worried that I’ll have a relapse. This is also the first time I’m sick after my GBS experience. Also my vocal cords are still inflamed from the intubation and I still don’t have my normal voice back, my voice is breathy and weak, so I’m concerned that the sore throat may make matters even worse.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anonymous
      October 5, 2008 at 6:48 pm

      Hi MDM.
      I have been taking antibiotics since I had GBS. I did call my neuroligist and she said it would be ok. I would check with your neuroligist 1st and then your GP. The only thing I have been told to stay away from is any imune shot coming from an egg (ex flu, nuemonia,tetnis etc) (Steve)

    • Anonymous
      October 5, 2008 at 8:34 pm

      You had better consult your doctor and do NOT waste time. My Doctor now treats any sore throat as if it were strep. Twice, I did not go to the Dr. with a bad sore throat and TWICE I paid the price with GBS. Let your Doctor advise you – this can turn really nasty.

    • Anonymous
      October 5, 2008 at 9:40 pm

      When I was in the hospital with the blood clot (Oct 2007), I developed an infection around the feeding tube site (MRSA). I was told by the hospital doc that there were 4 types of antibiotics I could take having GBS, 2 were IV forms (and I was being discharged) one was a sulfa drug which I am allergic to and the one I could take was Doxycycline. Don’t know if it was just me or this doc’s research suggested this but that’s what happened to me. Knocking on wood…I haven’t been in need of antibiotics recently. Hope you get better soon!

    • Anonymous
      October 6, 2008 at 8:24 am

      This is interesting about the antibiotics. Even though I am not a GBS patient, I do have problems with Sulfa Drugs. So any antibiotic that has sulfa causes problems for some Lupus patients as well. The sulfa can trigger flares. Not all lupus patients have problems with this but there are many that do have problems getting flares taking the sulfa drugs. Sounds to be the case here also with GBS.

    • Anonymous
      October 6, 2008 at 1:45 pm

      thank you all for your posts

      I saw my doctor today and he prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin 250 mg, 3 a day for a week). He said that because I had GBS he would treat cold and sore throat with antibiotics but in one year or so I could just ride it out.

      I must say I was so worried and still am, as it’s the first time I’m sick after GBS…I will start to take vitamin c and iron as recommended by my doctor hoping that I won’t get many colds this winter, but I’m so scared of getting ill again, I also wonder how weak my immune system is right now. I also worry about when I’ll go back to work, I work in an open plan office where we constantly exchange germs and viruses! Sometimes it’s just too much and I feel overwhelmed by this whole GBS situation. Thank you all for your help and support, this forum is so precious to me because I can communicate with people who know what I’m talking about.

    • Anonymous
      October 8, 2008 at 3:31 pm

      Anyone that has had GBS has a compromised immune system. That means that your immune system reacts differently to infection than an average person.
      It is important to treat any infection early and with vigilance. Any large infection can cause problems. You need to get them under control fast.
      Anytime that Nate is going to the Dentist, they prescribe very strong antibiotics to take that morning before he goes to the dentist.
      A sore throat can be Strep and that can be very dangerous. I would not wait.

    • Anonymous
      October 8, 2008 at 8:07 pm

      Pre- GBS Brandy had no problems with antibiotics. Post GBS the list is long that she is allerigic to. To keep Brandy’s immune system strong………..lots of orange juice and daily vitamins. She managed 4 yers of college without too many illnesses. At the onset of anything though she drank plenty and got extra rest.
      Hope you feel better soon.


    • Anonymous
      October 9, 2008 at 5:52 am

      Hi Natesmum and Maggie, thanks a lot for your advice.

      I’m on my 4th day of antibiotics, I still have a cold and a bit of sore throat but it’s getting better. Luckily, I didn’t get any strange reactions from taking antibiotics. I guess in future I will have to go to the doctor every time I get sick, even if it seems a minor thing. I’m drinking orange juice everyday and I have started taking a multivitamin supplement. I will have to be super careful this winter, I hope not to get sick too often and I’ll do my best to keep healthy.

      Thanks again for your messages.