double vision ? currently dx with CIDP

    • March 19, 2012 at 3:18 am

      Hello everyone! I am currently diagnosed with CIDP and have been recieving IVIG every 3 weeks – sometimes it works AMAZINGLY other times I swear I just got a saline infusion! I am an atypical cidp – since my LP, EMG was essentially normal (my ncv showed minimal demylenation on my knee- which was the most symptomatic area at the time). Anyhow My vision has been messed up since this whole mess started.. they did some sort of blood work for miller fischer that was negative (however I don’t mount antibodies to things – as shown, or rather not shown, all my life after viruses and vaccinations).

      I have a few questions, as my double vision has worsened since the last exacerbation after a cold/fever illness. I have double vision in both eyes- one much worse than the other- the images are shadowed one on top of the other- one eye images below the real image, the other above.

      *is double vision with miller fischer both eyes typically? is it vertical diplopia? is it monocular (each eye affected when the other covered)

      *is it possible to have MF with that negative blood test?

      thank you so very much for your time!

    • Anonymous
      September 8, 2013 at 3:35 pm

      How is your double vision coming along? Mine lasted for over a year, and I had to have surgery to correct, which it did. My diplopia was horizontal, mostly. I had surgery on one eye. This was 12 years ago, and my eyesight has recovered wonderfully. I still have a bit of double when very tired, and in extreme peripheral, but I rarely think about it. Hope you’re doing well.