Do you remember?

    • Anonymous
      February 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      What you remember you were like during your strugle.past or present..
      Pleaase feel free to post.

      I remember the angel nurses, and the non angel nurses.
      I remember some stranger wiping my butt.
      I remeber my friend take me to Christmas shop and fight for handicap spot
      I remember in my wheel chair and not having any room around the merchandise in the isle.
      I remember learning how to slide from the wheel chair to the toilet. with board
      I remember the pain and being very tired.
      I remember crying because of my loss in front of a room full of handicaped people.
      I remember using my body for work and no longer able to.
      I remember my awesome wife tending to my every need.
      I remember finding this awesome site with others like me.
      I remember the harp player that came in my room and played an hour for me.
      I remember watching what only God could do amongst it all.