CIDP suffers, flu shot, yea or nay?

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    I know some theories suggest that CIDP could have been triggered by immunizations or boosters.

    So, what is your personal approach or opinion on getting the flu shot?





    Good question.

    I got the flu shot a few weeks before my CIDP kicked in a couple of years ago. Last year and this year my neuro has said don’t get it.

    Yet at last years conference from what I heard and at a regional symposium last month, the medical panelists during Q&A said they had no reason not to get it.

    So, Im not quite sure what to do.



    Coincidentally, I just got my flu shot today. I get the Fluzone High Dosage version. I had never had a flu shot before getting CIDP but now I get it every year.



    The flu shot gave me CIDP so I will never get it again nor my family. Something in the flu shot caused my immune system to go crazy and attack my nerves. So no, not for me.



    There is a great deal of discussion in the Vaccine Reactions forum of this website, by the way.



    I would NEVER get another Flu shot or a Pneumonia shot. I have made inquiry -even with the Government and they cannot give me a definitive yes or no – I would not take the chance. It is better not to aggravate my CIDP and I feel the chances of getting the flu is low. A definite nay!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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