being violated

    • Anonymous
      May 10, 2010 at 11:25 pm

      I was recently violated over the weekend of the 29-30 of april. I mean that one of my home health girls stole 3 different types of pain meds. 2 were for pain & 1 was an antiflammitory. I have severe pain in my lower back thatit brings tears to my eyes & takes my breath away. I see a pain management specialist for this condition.Not only did they take meds they took a few other things worth money. You know we get these girls threw an agengy & we let them in to our homes to take care of us & our homes & then they violate us. I feel as if i need to hide everything. On lady who has been friends with for years told me not to do that this is my home & i should be able to display what i want in my home. She did tell me to lock up money & rings. & meds. THe drs. advised to get lock box for meds. & i also feel as if a responsibility got taken away, because not only are my meds locked up they are with a family member, who has to come later & help me fill them & then takes them away.
      So if any of you do not have a lock box for meds GET ONE!!
      Then i had to call agency, case manager, police to file report, pick up report fax to dr. had to go to pm dr. answer there questions a tell them what i took in the last 48 hrs. & do a pee test so they could send it out.
      that just makes me feel so violated in more ways than 1. Just want to sit & CRY!! Who do you TRUST!!
      Thanks for your input.