About Ohio State University Hospital Visits

    • Anonymous
      May 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

      Went to OSU Hospitals outpatient offices they have everything their, PT< Neuroscience, Family Practiice, Imaging, & More. I seen Dr Elsheikh on April 6 th, he spent 1 hr with me going over my paperwork & alot of time on a complete neurological physical exam, & talking with me & my Mom. She goes to my main appts. & goes in with me. He order a bunch of bloodwork, went over to family practice to get that done she had 9 tubes sitting there for me. I thought holy cow, Getting blood draw dont bother me, I took Phlebotomy , I just sit & watch the whole process. He also ordered a cervical & thoracic MRI"S, & AN EMG/ nerve conduction test with the extent to be determined. I went on April 26 th for EMG done first talked with DR Arnold , that's all he does, I asked if there was axonal damage & he said yes. Then when they stick you with the needles , I told him I felt like a voodoo doll , HAHA, He showed me after he was done that the frequency points are to go full screen & mine were only going up about 2 ". I called down on May 12 th, severe pain can't stand without pain, & continous muscle pain. Dr E. called on May 13 th. & said MRI's are OK, bloodwork OK, EMG showed a muscle problem but didn't want to go over it on the phone. He said he'd make arrangements to get me in sooner, still waitin to find out. He also recommended taking the Lyrica up to 600 mg, I'm on 400 now. Called on the 18 th to see if he can call anything in for the muscle pain. waitin to hear back. Went to my family Dr. on May 17 th , got upset cause of being in pain, & pain clinic made a comment in a round about way they don't want me there so I was telling my DR. I also told him about adjusting the Lyrica, He did order a breathing test for me for my asthma, got to schedule that. The nurse came in before I left & said RX will be called in. The next morning there was nothing there so I called back to dr then they did the baclofen & dramamine, no Lyrica. I called dr left message with nurse she got back with me @ 6:30 & said the DR dont feel comfortable doing 600 cause it can cause renal failure she said the highest he'll go is 450 mg. I told her ok then. nothing at drug store next day called DR office spoke with receptionists & she said he'll go over with me @ next appt. I told her not till Nov. called back later got nurse told her what I was told & she said the Dr wants me to have neuro handle RX's. I don't know why they didn't tell me the first time, it just made me madder & more upset than I already was. I thought they were going to do the Lyrica increase so 1 day I took 600 mg it made me tired & the next day I was going to, & took 1 early & was not tired but then I took no more till the next day. When I did that I still had neuropathy pain. So I don't know. I have constant LB pain, 1 MRI showed arthrosis where I have my pain. I got injection there but worked for about or a little over 4 weeks , but I had a side effect of it increased my menstral bleeding to 3 weeks, that was a *****. So I stopped getting injections a few months before i had my cervical ablation done. VERY PLEASED with those results. I'm gonna call monday , tommorrow 5/23, & let them know about my baclofen & lyrica, & haven't heard from DR yet & to see if I can talk to the person trying to find a place to put me in for an appt. I need to find out soon for my physical & my mental state, I get in pain & cry have & nothing to do for it, & I just loose it. I have such horrible burning & spikes going up in my feet, hands numb, cant tell if I'm walking all this is a constant thing Feet are extremely bad today so far all day & its only 1:15 p.m. Any & all advice input welcomed

    • Anonymous
      May 23, 2011 at 9:36 am

      Wow!! I don’t have any advice, but want to encourage you to stay strong. It is a pain (no pun intended) dealing with doctor appointments, tests, etc. and not receiving any real relief.

      Please know you’re in my prayers.

      Take care,