Your meeting Mrs. Chicken when it comes to new meds

May 6, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Hello again! I am one of the biggest chickens when it comes to new meds for I fear the side effects and am very hypersensitive to certain drugs. I have alot of drug allergies. Gabapentin to me after I got used to it really does help! I mean it helps good too! The clonazapam puts me to sleep and helps get rid on anxiety too. Without them I would be pacing the floors. I would not risk taking sleeping pills. Already tried that and was waking up several hours later with the tuning fork issue. When I started on Gabapentin I only took it at bedtime until I got adaptd to it. And it helps! They have tried me on other things and I keep demanding my Gabapentin. I will stay on the Gabapentin as long as I can! They take that drug away from me I will end up crying! LOL! Seems to be the only thing that works! Hugs
Linda H