Your Husband

August 22, 2008 at 6:39 am

Hi Shrimpbox 73,

I am very sorry to hear how things are going for your family right now. When trying to get into these appt. is rough. From what I have learned, the University Hospitals are what you need to look into with more weight. HUP in PHL is awesome. You can recieve quality care in Phili. They have some of the best in the country there. You can go to JH too, alot of members swear by their doctors there. When it comes to being admitted, that when it gets pricy. Paying out of pocket just for the neuro visits aren’t bad, so go with your gut. If your husband required to be admitted to a hospital, you can probably have the neuro group arranged that at any hospital, and he will be seen by the neuro there and will tap into theirs pool in specialists.

My first appt. was scheduled 3 months out and I was in desparation. they phoned, had a cancellation and got me in on a 3 week appt.

The way it works is, each Neurologist usually has his or her own secretary.
There are probably 5-6 neuro’s at HUP. Try getting ahold of each doctors secretary and get on their short notice will come list. OR see if Dr. Birds secretary will check with or get your husbands name on all of their cancellation lists. Many people schedule multiple appointments so slots do free up. Call and check back frequently, try spend as much time talking to the receptionist and secretaries to establish a connection. Try to pick a hospital that accepts your insurance so you don’t have to worry about that too. If that is not an issue, get the quickest appt. available. Set appointments at say two major hospitals that you accept. I don’t know where you are located but up here in NE Hershey is good, HUP, and you already tried JH.

Keep in mind, getting a visit scheduled for a problem you have is one thing. but, It sounds like things are moving pretty quick so you always have the ER option to be used at your discretion. Good luck!