You mentioned all the vaccines children are getting now —

March 28, 2007 at 6:02 pm

Hi Brandy,

This article is VERY interesting — I never thought about childhood diseases in this way.

Excerpt from article:

[QUOTE][B]Why are our children’s bodies attacking them?[/B]

The biggest clue, according to the Murdoch’s director, Terry Dwyer, might lie with a quite separate list of common infant-stage viruses that — thanks to vaccination and improved hygiene — the Western world has largely eradicated. More specifically, those almost-forgotten nasties, such as measles, mumps and rheumatic fever, could still play a crucial role in instructing the body’s reaction to infection.

“What’s happened the world over is that over the last century these infectious diseases have declined and, as they have, we’ve had a rise in these immune system disorders,” Professor Dwyer said. “So we think this is to do with the way the immune system is trained.”[/QUOTE]