You have plenty more time for your recovery

September 8, 2010 at 8:44 pm

I disagree with the doctor who said, “The longer you go, the less your chances are for a full recovery.” You are not even up to two years. I think you will see this typically Sloooooow recovery will continue and continue. It sneaks up on you. So my advice is not to look for improvement….just go along living your life…grateful for being out of the hospital. Grateful for all the little things you CAN do. GBS teaches us to live in the Now…very Buddhist. For the first few months after I finally could walk, I would have to hang onto the door frame and pull myself thighs were too weak to step up for more than an inch or two. Now I chuckle that I can walk over the threshhold normally. So…stop looking for improvement, it will come in the next year or two…two years is too soon for many of us. And if it isn’t FUll recovery….big deal. It reminds me of parents who would come in for a conference complaining that their kids were earning C’s..70%….I said to them, if you could learn 70% of a new language, wouldn’t you be proud?? I would. Expecting 100% is dangerous…If my Gifted Math students could get 70% correct, they basically knew the process,,just made some sloppy mistakes .AIM for 100% and be happy with what you get…..if you put as much effort into it as you could. I am trying to learn French and would be thrilled to learn 50% and that woud be an F. (And this with a brain that is recovering from GBS!) I am thrilled that 4 years later my memory has improved and I can access my knowledge…it was scary when I could not remember the word BUS in a conversation…I had to say what do you call those big yellow things you put kids in to get them to school!!!My wonderful therapist said I had forgotten more than most others ever had….soothing…