You are strong…

May 25, 2010 at 12:51 am

You will get through this, although it might seem insurmountable right now. My 89 year old mother-in-law has dementia, we have been her primary caregivers since 2003 when her second husband died. She should have been put into Assisted Living back then, but somehow my husband managed to keep her in the fancy senior apt. building that she had requested. He is an only child & refused to accept until recently how bad off she really is/was.

After she was kicked out of the AS facility, we moved her into a nursing home in Jan of 2009. Five days later she was kicked out again for beligerant behavior. They took her back after she spent 18 days in a geriatric psych ward. She has been very content there ever since. My point is, that she is getting much better care there than she was in the apt. or even had she lived with us. Don’t feel guilty about your father, they do so many activities to stimulate them & the care is wonderful in most nursing homes.

I can’t help you with your mother, I am so very sorry. You made me appreciate the fact that my 85 year old mother (who is still in her home a few blocks away), is doing so well at her age. She is my best friend & I should be doing more for her, but the energy just isn’t there. I will treasure her while I can & I thank you for the reminder of how special our parents really are. I will pray for your mother, & you take care of you…