November 27, 2009 at 7:09 pm

My neuro strongly encouraged me to get both the flu and H1N1 shots this year! As long as they were the ‘dead viruses’, not the live ones in the nasal sprays. I’ve not done that yet due to a variety of circumstances, but mostly because they aren’t easy to just go to a doc’s office and GET!
I know I got my own CIDP from a pneumonia. The following year I did get a flu shot and reacted to it w/a very sore arm that left a lump for five years. Go figure. IF I do go and can get shots in a safe environment [such as a doctor’s office?] I will do one at a time w/a two week interval in-between to watch for reactions. AND I will want a copy of the vaccine’s package insert to tote home with me to check up on it! Tho ideally I’d like to know what I mite get before I get it?
Any which way you look at it? You take chances either way. And we don’t live in medically controlled environments either-ergo there’d be no proof that any shot could be the cause of further complications.
I mite try some now..IF I can? But I’m not gonna beat down any doors nor wait in long lines either. I just am not up to that stuff now.
If there is a safe and easy way to get a shot- and be monitored properly for reactions…I mite do it. Will let you know next June?