Yes, time still flies when you’re having fun.

July 25, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Yeah, I agree with what you ‘guys’ said. Focusing on what you [COLOR=”DarkGreen”]can do[/COLOR] is also the way to go that I’ve chosen.

I never thought much about timelines. Except for when ‘they’ say “well, generally speaking you’ve already lived too long to have ALS….”

My first trouble was 36 years ago, or so. Some days I get worse. Usually when I do too much. Some days I get a little better.

Find fun, have fun, keep on smiling. I tried the other way for 20+ years- that’s a no go. I’m all done, all used up on thinking ‘oh, poor me.’

I went fishing today. I can’t hold the pole very long. But, we made a holder for it. I can’t bait the hook, the bait is too slippery for my limited grip strength. My wife baits it for me.

fun, fun fun all the time.