years later from gbs

April 20, 2007 at 10:20 pm

Karen welcome. I to am new to this sight and never knew it existed. Already I feel better knowing that there are others that understand about gbs. I was only 11 when i came down with it. That was 35 years ago and no one knew what it was. I would like some feed back about symptoms that people have years later after gbs. I sometimes feel that doctors don’t understand how my body feels. I kinda had a relapse last fall and things haven’t been right ever since and I have been to many different doc. I wish there was someone who left from geisinger medical center that knew me back then. I never had any of this new kind of procedures all I had was the iron lung and alot of experimenting of all kinds. Has anyone out there ever had a relapse later in life that might want to talk or share some of the different things that could be happening to me. I was totally paralyzed from neck down. Thanks for letting me vent. Its truly a blessing to have found this site. deb