worst case?

December 13, 2006 at 2:05 am

I am surprised how seldom doctors / nurses see GBS – I found myself having to explain it to them once i was out of ICU.

How do you determine a “bad” case (i dont think there is ever a good case of GBS!) – is it how severe / extensive the damage initially or is it how long it takes to recover / the extent of long-term disability?

Mine was definitely one of the fastest declines my doctors had seen (and it seemed the doctors and nurses in ICU had seen a few despite being a small country hospital) and the extent of my initial paralysis was pretty bad (everything except my tongue!) But i also amazed them with my recovery so in that respect i was one of the better cases they had seen.

Looking back, even though i feel like i went through hell at the time i think i am pretty lucky to have come out the end of it relatively unscathed.