With me having Lupus

August 25, 2008 at 7:14 pm

With me having Lupus, I can donate my own blood to myself but any unknown disease that has no cure, blood donations are not allowed. I don’t think a normal healthy person would like to hear that somebody with Lupus gave them blood to them and they would then worry.
Some diseases can be passed by blood transmission but some diseases the Red Cross do not allow because little is known about our diseases.
Before they started testing blood donations look how many drug addictics sold their blood to the Red Cross and got away with it! Was very common in the 80’s but not allowed now.
But you yourself if your going to have surgery can donate your own blood to yourself. But nobody else can have that blood. Same goes for me here!
My questions about blood donations is how many actually have a hidden disease that never shows up and then you have their blood to later get sick!
It saves lives at the beginning but have never seen any studies of the long term effects of what happened many years later.
PS! In 1984, I had placenta previa and had to have a C-Section. They had to give me 5 units of donated blood. I got sick a few years later. Was tested for HIV several times showing negative results. From 1987 to 1997 I was tested every year. So far I have been negative. They told me that after 10 years and show negative that I would not have AID’s. But I often wonder if the blood donation caused me other problems health wise. Worst part! No records back then as to whom gave me the blood! So I have no idea what diseases this person has now and did they pass on something to me that was rare causing me to be sick today. I often wonder about that and think every pint you get that we should have records of who donated and their medical history. I think we should even be notified if that person becomes ill with something. Just because of what is happening to me now.
A cousin of mine had 3 transfusions a few years ago due to a complicated pregnancy and now she has Hepatitis C! And no telling what else might effect her in later years! Good subject!