While the forum was down Part 2

March 6, 2008 at 12:00 pm

[COLOR=”Navy”]This is the continuation of the e-mail exchange with Andrew while the forum was down. This one is from Andrew. It was not me who ran [/COLOR]

Hi Norb

I am now getting more and more convinced that there is some improvement in my condition since Rituxan. It does not feel like the stocking effect comes as high on my legs anymore (up to the knees) and I feel like I have more strength – especially endurance. Yesterday I even went for a short run and survived OK. So I think that I’ll go along with the maintenance Rituxan treatments, but I may try to hold off until April/May/June so that there is a gap of 4 months since the infusions of December. From the literature, knowing that the B cells are wiped out until about month 6 to 9, I can’t understand what the maintenance dosages of Rituxan are supposed to do. If they were free, it would be a simple choice (like taking aspirin).

Take care,