March 14, 2010 at 11:42 am

My daughter cried in the night for about 2 weeks but had no clinical signs and then one day, she woke up with a limp and later in the day was paralyzed and unable to even stand. We carried her everywhere for about 2 weeks and the doctors said she could walk but was refusing and we said, no she cannot even stand up. It started to go up her body and eventually hit her hands and swallowing. She was admitted to the hospital about 2 1/2 weeks after paralization and they did every test and finally figured out from nerve conduction and spinal tap, GBS. Five days of ivig and went to rehab where she relearned to sit up, crawl, stand up and walk with a walker over a period of 3 weeks. She came home and started walking short distances around the house and then had a relapse and they still called it GBS. Several relapses later, and 5 months and a different dr. and they called it cidp. The only difference i see between us and other cidpers is that we have a definite cause, a virus, and she had to completely learn how to walk again over a period of months. Hope this helps someone.