Where to from here?

October 17, 2007 at 12:57 pm

You’ve gotten alot of good advice from others already. I spent 5 mos. in hospitals, never transferring to the Rehab Ctr. because they would not take me with my trach. But the hospital I was in then had an arrangement with the rehab so that they sent PT, OT, and ST to me for daily workouts. When I could handle it, the hospital transported me to rehab twice a week for aqua therapy, which is extremely critical for recovery of limb function.
Larry’s observation was dead-on: In many cases, it’s the patient’s willingness to hang it there and do whatever it takes that will mean the difference between a good recovery and a poor one. I know that there will be others who will disagree with that assessment because they tried just as hard as anyone else and still haven’t recovered as much. And I have to admit that the variableness of the illness itself and our own bodies’ ability to deal with it also have a large part to play in the final outcome.
Be positive. Do your research. Get him into someplace with a good program and then encourage him to do the rest.
Best wishes, Byron