Whats been happening

March 10, 2007 at 9:33 pm

So far in my life physio therapy has been hounding me about losing weight and also have been after me on practically everything. They just gave me a 4 wheeled walker which they want me to start using which is now going to be the next step in my recovery. The only thing is I am unable to go up any kind of ramps due to my AFO’s as they are stiffer then all get out.

In the work I do at the greenhouse I used to work only on wednesday and they came up to me and asked if I could work an extra day as they have never had the filing system as well done as it has been since I came and they like my work. So now I will be working mondays and wednesdays as to get mondays off I had to get my psychiatrist to approve it before physio would approve it. I get alot of exercise done in the greenhouse.

Things are busy as always. My grouphome won’t allow computers and right now I’m in a cyber cafe and paying for the time I spend on the computer. The libraries have internet but to get to use them is nearly imposible as they are taken nearly all the time.

I am nearly finished paying off my debts except for the fact that I ran up my cell phone bill and got cut off. My next cell phone I will get is going to be a pay as I go phone as I now have no credit. Such as life. I am going to start saving money as soon as the debts I have are paid off. they are going to be paid off at the exact same time which I think is pretty cool. I kind of wished I could of gone to the Canadian symposium but life doesn’t always work out.

Hope you all are doing OK

You all are in my prayers