What’s Up Doc???

July 16, 2010 at 2:24 am

Sorry to say this because you say you like your doctor, but he/she is a numbnut!Who in their right mond would say pain is NOT part of CIDP? That is infuriating!!!:mad: Talk about being dismissed!! Get a new doctor. What kind of dr is this anyways? That license needs to be revoked! AAAHHHH!!! I can’t stand it!!!!! Pain and loss of feeling or 2 of THE MOST PROMINENT SYMPTOMS of CIDP!!! Sensory neuropathy means it attacks your senses, ie, feeling. Motor neuropathy affects your motor skills, ie, balance, movement, strength…………….
Stop seeing that quack and get yourself a neurologist. Go in your insurance book, close your eyes and point. Waalaaa, a new doctor. That would be better than the idiot your seeing. Don’t stress about getting in touch with Dr. Lewis. He is not going to have any personal interest in you because you are not a patient yet. Emailing him directly might just **** him off. Make an appointment with any neuro, ask for a nerve conduction velocity test to be performed so you know where you are medically and how much damage has come about in the last 10 years of not being treated by the idiot. Discuss options with the new dr about pain meds. You can let he/she know that you have taken vicodin in the past and that it seemed to work, but if you go in asking for meds right off the bat, they are going to think you are a junkie looking to score.
If your other dr didn’t think that pain was part of CIDP, why the vicodin? For what diagnosis was that prescribed for if pain “isn’t an issue” in his/her opinion. Also, if that dr is a neurologist, I would report them to the medical board. Make some sort of noise to rattle that cage. Patients with CIDP SUFFER!! The last thing we need is another quack out there, giving their 2 cents about a disease they know nothing about! We need to protect one another. Think about doing it for the next patient who will be told to suck up the pain.