What’s spreading? Democracy???

August 29, 2006 at 9:13 am


It just never ends with this guy. Appease leaders while pissing off the people of the world, where hearts need to be won, not bought.
President Bush launched an initiative this month to combat international kleptocracy, the sort of high-level corruption by foriegn officials that he called “a grave and corrosive abuse of power that threatens our national intrests and violates our values.” The plan he said, would be “a critical component of our freedom agenda.”
Ok, that’s a good plan and makes sence. Should have been done a long time ago, but it’s never too late. Let’s see how our leader shows the world just how serious he is, and that commitment to freedom and democracy.
Three weeks later, the White House is making arrangements to host the leader of Kazakhstan, an autocrat who runs a nation anything but free and has been accused by U.S. PROSECUTORS of pockiting the bulk of $78million in bribes from an AMERICAN buisnessman.
Not only will President Nazarbayev visit the White House, but will also travel to the Bush family compound in Maine. This guy has banned oppisition parties, intimidated the press and profited from his post, according to the U.S. GOVERNMENT. But hey, he sits atop massive oil reserves that have helped open doors in Washington DC. Also the same guy who when another ‘stan’ country kicked out our military base, raised the rent to us from $2million per year, to $200million per year, to keep our base there. Something about enviromental clean up over the mess we are making flying jets in and out. Perfectly understandable to Bush supporters no doubt. Just confuses me a bit.
Nothing new though. In April, the prez welcomed to the Oval Office the prez of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who has been accused of rigging elections. Sec. Rice hosted Nguema, the prez of Equatorial Guinea, who has been found to have millions of dollars in overseas accounts. Before that, Bush gave public speeches saying how great democracy is spreading in places like Egyup, where, without a doubt, their prez election was rigged even more then the one 6 years earlier there. Praised Lebonon and we all know how that’s going. You can take this back all the way to Chalibi, a fugitive from justice in Jordon on bank fraud, who was Bush’s pick to run Iraq in the beginning. Just to name a few examples.
But the Kazakh leader has recieved an especially warm treatment, beings that our government that will host him next month, plans to go to trial in January to prove he was paid off by an American biz man and that guy faces prison, yet no charges have been made aginst the guy who took the bribes. Interesting, isn’t it?
VP Cheney in May, was over in this crooks country, praising him as a friend. A day later, Cheney blasted Russia for retreating on democracy. Agin, interesting who gets let off the hook and who doesn’t.
Put this all together with other facts such as, every single Al Quieda top tier leader, captured or killed by us over the years, were all found and delt with in Pakistan. Every single Arab nation has stabbed us in the back, and held us up for more ransom money to host our military bases, and are laughing all the way to the bank. Anyone see all the new contruction going on all over there? Even building brand new cities. Every single Arab port over there, gets 100% inspection of incoming cargo by them, while they could care less what leaves their nations. Bush has advocated that cargo inspections have to be done over there, not here, to protect Americans from another attack using container shipping. Sounds like a solid plan so far. The border patrol gaurding the south, have found many times, eveidene that Arab people are melding into Mexican society, learning the language, then coming over our borders illegally. No hurry there to stop that though. There are elections and votes to get first.
Now, this is what people need to get their brains around. This isn’t about what American’s think. It’s what the people in all those countries think. What signals they pick up, and what the real picture means to them, not us. After all, this is where the terrorists recruit, arm, and get people to kill us. With such a strong and best friend coalition that Bush built over the years, praising every leader, the people in these nations can surely understand that democracy takes time, while they die of coarse, not us, and they will be better off in say 100 years or so. Hang in there world. Can you feel the love? What did George Washington and Adams say about spreading democracy? Leed by example, don’t export democracy, in short. What did they know anyway?