what’s in a name: CIDP, MGUS, PDN, antiMAG neuropathy

December 20, 2007 at 1:21 pm

[QUOTE=Andrew]You mention also that you are now diagnosed with CIDP. I am confused about the CIDP relationship because I was thinking that MGUS was a form of CIDP[/QUOTE]
it is a bit confusing. Some scientists consider MGUS and anti-MAG neuropathy a variant of CIDP, others prefer to treat everything as a separate category. Some even came up with a new name for the same thing: PDN (paraproteinaemic demyelinating neuropathy). My neurologist’s comment was that there are some who want to have their own niche. She didn’t. So she simply diagnosed me with “[B][U]CIDP [/U][/B]with anti-MAG IgM, possibly MGUS” . No matter what they call it, all these variants are [U]chronic[/U], [U]inflammatory[/U], [U]demyelinating [/U]and are a [U]polyneuropathy[/U], which is what CIDP stands for.