What Neurontin does

April 9, 2007 at 11:25 pm

Neurontin aka Gabapentin reduces neurological pain, peripheral neuropathy pain and is also used as an anti-seizure medication.
Nate was put on it as soon as he was diagnosed with GBS.
His hands and parts of his arms were already getting severe pain with the feeling that he was being stuck with a million needles in his hands. Anything that touched them hurt.
He would sit with his hands facing away from his body so that nothing would touch them they hurt so bad.
Neurontin has to be introduced in small amounts then gradually increased over periods of about 3 weeks until the desired dosage is reached.
It took about 2 mos before his hands were able to touch anything without huge pain.
He is still on 1500 mg a day. If he misses his afternoon dose, which happens fairly often, his hands hurt more the next day.
It does not work like a pain pill though. You can’t take it and have pain go away like you would Vicodin or something similar.
It has to be in your system all the time to work right.
Trudy, Natesmom
Nate, diagnosed GBs 1-06-06
Discharged 9-30-06