What is a Nerve Biopsy?

March 4, 2008 at 11:28 am

Hi everyone. I’ve been diagnosed with GBS back in April of 07. It’s been hell. Like many of you, I spent 8 days in the hospital, 5 of them getting IVIG. Left the hospital in a fairly crippled state. Couldn’t walk, or feed myself, hands very numb, fingers tingled like hell. I was home for 2 months before going back to work parttime.

I’ve gone back 4 times to the hospital for aditional IVIG. The last treatment didn’t seem to do anything so I decided not to get anymore. My insurance covered it all but it is very expensive, $13,000 per treatment, well that’s what the hospital bills. I never had any bad reactions or rashes to the IVIG. I do find that Prednisone is the only thing that keeps me going, my doc was reluctant to prescribe it but he finally gave in. I only take is as needed, 10mg per day.

I did get steroids via IV last fall and it was great. Could move, walk, do stairs. Felt like Superman. Taking Lyrica for the neuropothy which was quite intense. Also had 2 Spinal Punctures, both showed nothing abnormal.

What is a nerve biopsy and why does one need it? In the last few days I’m finally feeling a bit better, I presume its the change in weather. The intense cold has been killing me, live in Chicago. Hoping that with some warmer days I can get outside and exercise a bit. Taking a yoga class right now and it was tough starting but all the mild stretching is helping, it’s only once a week. We need to keep up our muscle strength too. Get a small dumbell set and use them while watching TV.

One thing that was very frustrating initially was the inability to use my hands. Holding a glass terrified me, and I wore gloves as fall approached, couldn’t handle the cold. Trying to get on a computer and type was amost impossible. That’s better now but I seem to be having memory problems which is driving me nuts. Can’t remember names, etc. My doc say that I need to exercise my brain more. Anyone else have memory issues?

Just hang in there, things do seem to get better, but I’m a long way from how I used to be. retirement is so far away yet.