What about health insurance?

February 27, 2007 at 5:09 pm

I might have to retire early – not sure yet – from teaching. I think of going back and being exposed to all those germs from the children – I teach in a middle school. If I get supplementary health insurance, how do they know my health past? Since I had GBS twice but was not hospitalized either time – will this make is easier for me to get it? THey don’t know how bad I got the second time – crawling on the floor. For all they know, I was not hospitalized and did not spend any of their money. Any ideas?

As for life insurance, I was told that unless you have a family and lots of bills, it is not a good idea. So I just saved my money and plan to be cremated. I like what they do in the British ISles. I read that they have a park for endangered animals where people are buried – but not in those hideous coffins. If you know what happens to the remains inside them, you wouldn’t waste your money.