What a response about hair

January 31, 2007 at 2:05 pm

All the advice that everyone has offered has really helped. I will just keep an eye on the loss for now to see if it gets better. I have enough hair for 2 people so a little hair loss won’t show much on my head:)

I do have another question about how to or what will help the legs with burning and the sensitivity to the sheets? My muscles every once in awhile get to jumping all the time all over the body, its kinda like little spasms all over the body. What does everyone take to get the muscles to relax, to keep your body from jumping all over the place?

My day at work went great. It was really nice to back amongst coworkers instead of looking at the 4 walls in my house. Today is my 2nd day and is going great also.

Well I better go for now so I can do something for work. Talk to you later.
Thanks again for the encouragement and many more to everyone else who needs the ENCOURAGEMENT!!
Till next time,
Teresa Rose
PS Teresa Anne, what a great name also. My middle name is Ann also but without the “e” on the end.