what a great post!

September 5, 2007 at 10:44 pm

Thanks for posting that. When I had my GBS (both times), I took Huge amounts of vitamin C – 20 grams a day and had no bowel intolerance which is your body telling you that you took too much. Since vitamin C fights infections, I always thought that there was the possibility that it was an infection. I just wanted to give my white blood cells help in fighting off whatever was causing this. When I stopped taking the vitamin C for a 24 hour urine collection for testing, I felt like I was struck down by a truck. SO I knew it was working. And it kept me out of the hospital both times. My doctor for my first GBS experience twenty years ago said that if I needed to be hospitalized, he would have given me IV of vitamin C and adrenal extract. I took both of these orally. This doctor was interviewed in Suzanne Sommers’ book. Unfortunately he has changed since I went to him. I think the AMA got to him.
Thanks again…..this gives us hope. I think the medical profession needs to be more open minded about GBS and other diseases like cancer and heart disease.