Well, some things mite be explained or not?….

February 22, 2010 at 11:17 pm

Don’t panic until the tests are done and the ‘jury’ is in? Please?
I speak from experiences with siblings and Cancer…besides, you really can’t DO anything until those tests are done and IN! Save your energy for THEN!
In the meantime? I can only suggest getting yourself some duct-tape or vet-wrap in colors you prefer to help keep you together!:o I do know for me, at times I’d really would have liked a full body wrap!
From experience tho? The cancer thing, brought my two sisters and myself back together after a ‘family dispute’ decades ago and it’s bonded us for the better, tho some places are ‘touchy’ as can be expected. IN my case? The cancer IS an inherited issue. The CIDP is not so far- a ‘family’ thing, as I’m the youngest of many siblings and the only one lucky enough to get ‘it’. Plus I’ve got more cousins than I can count on fingers and toes who don’t have anything like this.
Don’t dig too far into research yet…your test results could take your problems into a whole different set of things to learn about, so don’t crowd your mind until you know WHAT you have to crowd your mind about. Conserve your strength for then. Definitely you’ve enough on your plate now!
Sending you strength and hope and heart that I can spare thru the ether…hope you get some of it?