Well my Friend, I feel better already!

May 22, 2006 at 7:35 pm

Just putting it down in writing has helped with those bad memories! I put up with the Sassy Aids and some of their comments. Meals missed because my Nurse went home ill and they were understaffed.

After being put on regular soft foods the Aid told me to now chew my scramble eggs and my fruit Yogurt….sorry I had to chew my food to get rid of the chunck. I also asked for the same Aid to open my food containers and she yelled at me for holding her up from going to lunch with her friends. I did speak up and said I would do it myself and for her to leave the room. She then backed down and opened the containers that I could not reach quickly! I was like a dog protecting a bone! Only time in 9 weeks I was nasty to my Aids, Nurses or Doctors and the last!

I was not thinking fast at first and rude comments were made when a lift team had to come in and move me up in the bed or transfer me to another bed or stretcher or wheelchair. I did not have my strenght yet to even help lift a finger. They talked about me like I was not there. Talked about my skin breaking down, bed sores and wondering how blind I really was! One even asked me how blind I was. I said I can see so well there is two of you! So I can see you if you are over there or OVER THERE! LOL

Funny how thoughts come back! I also should start a thread about humorous experiences I had….those were the times that kept me going all that time! My daily job was to have 4 or 5 brags to tell my family and friends and share them with the staff. But my sense of humor pulled me thru all the bad times and replaced my fears daily.