well Im getting it Im home :)

June 25, 2007 at 7:19 pm

I thought it would be easy coming home, I almost lost my positive thoughts, it is so hard asking people to help you all the time. I try to do as much as I can but sometimes it is hard because of all the damm pain I have in my feet’s, and I get needles and pins in my arms and leg’s when I have done little bit too much, and that is very common with me I don’t know where to stop. My therapist is starting to understand that I’m not like I used to be and I’m not a stroke patient. So he is going little less on exercise and more to stop my pain with electric and he put it on my this morning and it have worked fine today. Wish I could have those thing in my home, I could use less Lyrica if I had it.
But I’m doing OK and I’m starting to do as I said before more and more, I can walk here inside with out anything but when I go out I need the walker because of the drop foot I always put my left toe´s drop when I walk more then 5meters outside :rolleyes: I hope that will be over soon or not.. it depends of if my nerves heal right. who know not me that for sure, but my family believe I will be completely as I was before, but it seems to me few of us will be as we was, we are all little crazy people as we all got GBS and one thing I have seen all people I have talk to is one of those super people that was every where and nowhere, and had lot of smile to give, I think we will have lot of smile to give but being every where and nowhere that is a different story 🙂 well enough of this rambling here, every one take good care and lot of hugs and kisses from Iceland to you all