Well I am going to tell you what they did to me last week

November 8, 2008 at 11:45 pm

Well, I’m going to tell you what they did to me last week. Last Saturday I got bad off and was having terrible abdominal pain. So Andy took me to the ER there. Got there around 10 at night and we sat there until 4 that morning. I was in so much pain it was no joke. Three security guards were sitting there with there feet propped up on the desk playing games on the computer. I went outside to the truck and decided to go ahead and take my meds. But all I took was an Ibuprophen for pain. Two black guys started following me to my truck. I unlocked the door and jump in quickly and locked the door. Our truck was right in front on the window where the guards could see. They not once looked out that window. One got on one side of the truck and the other one was right beside my window. I leaned down and told the you know what that I had a gun and blow his you know what’s head off! You don’t even want to know the language I used! So they backed off away from the window and stood behind my truck. I slid over to the drivers side and cranked the truck and pulled it into the first row. Waited for a car to pull in and then got out. Got inside and freaked out on the guards. Told them what happened and then they send out security. 5 minutes later they are back to playing games again. 4 in the morning I get a room. The nurse comes in and telld me I am next to be seen. I laid there from 4 to 7 and never got seen. All they did was take a urine specimin. I told Andy to open the door. And 3rd shift for 3 hours sat there and joked, cut up and talked about what they were going to do the next few days off. They were eating. laughing and telling jokes. 1st shift comes in. Now I am totally exhausted. Doctor comes in and orders a chest Xray and Abdomin Xray and they draw blood. The urine showed a UTI so they came in and gave me an IV drip with morphine. 5 minutes later they come in and give me Pepcid in the IV. Then she makes me drink a cocktail to stop nausea and heartburn. Then my white blood count was very high so they gave me an IV drip antibiotic. Then more morphine. I started feeling sick and at the same time they discharged me and told me I also had Larpharangyl Pheumonia but was mild. Gave me RX’s and I am getting sick. They put me in a wheelchair to take me to the truck. Andy is getting the truck. They give me a pink bucket. Here the nurse see’s me getting sick and doesn’t do a thing. I am puking my brains out and he not once took me back into the ER room. Andy takes me home. For 3 days I had nose bleed and was coughing up blood. I had to stay home and laid around all last week praying to get better. I had a reaction to that anti-biotic and it made me very sick.
This nurse is seeing me sick and does nothing. Didn’t go get the doctor or say a word. What is up with that? I told Duke what happened and they were shocked. Told me that it sounded like I busted a blood vessel in my lung and asked me how I was feeling now. Boy they checked me out!
I have called and complained to the hospital supervisors about this place and so have others and nothing ever gets done. This hospital is filthy! It’s really not sanitary either. I can’t wait to take pictures. And show you what I am talking about.
What suggestions could you give me to help me expose this place. It really needs to be exposed. Who could I call or go to in order to get this place investigated and shut down. I have seen alot of hospitals and everyone I have seen has had at least some professionalism. And it was kept clean. I have seen some fantastic places and average. And a few poor hospitals. But they were even professional and clean. They were understaffed. That I can understand. This place is well staffed but certainly has major problems. I mean major! I had my children in that hospital 29 years ago up to 24 years ago. At that time, that hospital was clean, the staff was great. Doctors were fantastic. And it was professional until 6 years ago! When my mother was in there, I saw problems. And everytime a family member is admitted or friend there is always a problem. What can I do to help this town get a better place of healthcare? Like I said! I’m takin photo’s soon when my mom has her surgery. And I do plan on getting the worst pictures I can get! If I got to live here in this town, then I want to have decent healthcare! If you saw this place, I think you would agree with me!