Welcome packet was AWESOME!

January 13, 2010 at 11:30 pm

J. Dennison…yes, you did respond to me on another website. :rolleyes: I’m hitting them all:o

GaryO: You asked about treatment. they have done Ivig and Plasmapheresis since this began in August. She has had Ritoxin before and is currently starting a cycle of Cytoxan. All the while she has been on Prednisone.

I received the Foundation’s welcome packet today along with their newsletter and booklet. I was ENGROSSED! It is written so well and I loved the stories from real people.

We definitely ask a lot of questions. our Dr is wonderful and has even given us his private email address and cell number. Sandy, my sister, is still able to communicate by blinking and she makes sure she is up on what’s happening with her treatment as well.

I’m very glad I found you all. i’m sure I’ll spend too much time reading everyone’s experiences. thanks again!