Welcome Eric

March 6, 2008 at 9:04 am

[FONT=”Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=”2″][B]Hi Eric!
Have a seat and fasten you seat belt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but don’t worry, [SIZE=”3″][I]You are Not Alone!
Here on this site you will find lots of answers, some good laughs and maybe even a few more questions.
Check out the archives of the Organization’s Newsletters too, they are an excellent resource, written by researchers and medical professionals and I’ve often printed out ones i think are pertinent to my situation to take with me to the Doctor.
We are all different here, but we are all the same as well in that we share one goal, getting through this tunnel to the light on the other side.
So Eric, come on in and stay awhile and we’ll all do it together.
Best wishes,