Weighing in—

March 15, 2011 at 6:09 pm

I’ll weigh in. But not about my personal experience on time to results for Prednisone.

If I read your post correctly, and the dates are correct, then my position would be that you have had too many different treatments too fast.

From a diagnosis in Jan 2011 to determining that IVIG, PE & Prednisone are all not working as of March 15 seems a big deal.

For example, from a 1999 Clinical Trial to evaluate the effectiveness of IVIG for CIDP. “…The study will take 60 patients with CIDP and divide them into two groups. Group one will receive 2 injections of IVIg once a month for three months….”

And, for more on CIDP, from a link given to us by Emily’s Mom, Dr. Lewis (an expert) says regarding CIDP: “…On average, improvement seen by day 10 and continues through day 42.”

Another important factor for the success of IVIG is How much and How often. In my case it was twice a week for 3 months.

From the Muscular Dystrophy website: “…An average course of plasma exchanges is six to 10 treatments over two to 10 weeks. In some centers, treatments are performed once a week, while in others, more than one weekly treatment is done…”

After all, MDA should have some credibility since both GBS and CIDP are included in diseases they cover.

Dr Lewis says this about PE, “…Adult Based on body weight and size to determine plasma volume; commonly, patients undergo 3 plasma exchanges per wk for first 2 wk; after that, number and frequency of treatments determined by clinical response; response tends to last for 2-4 wk and must be repeated to sustain improvement; some patients require more frequent treatment; remission is uncommon if plasmapheresis is sole therapy…

As for prednisone- Again, from Dr. Lewis, “…Adult Doses vary; most patients are started on prednisone at 1 mg/kg/d PO initially (60-80 mg/d) Improvement can be anticipated within next 2 mo…”

The Dr. Lewis website I’ve quoted from is here:


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